Sports Motion Analysis

Biomechanics / Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis provides information for physicians, therapists, trainers, coaches and athletes in designing treatment methods, training techniques and rehabilitation protocols. TMI Sports Medicine features a state-of-the-art indoor biomechanics lab that has a pitching mound for video analysis of interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional throwing athletes. Our lab has a three-dimensional automatic digitizing system, high-speed, infrared, eight-camera Motion Analysis System (Eagle digital system, Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rose, CA) that picks up reflective markers on a computer.

Biomechanics is the study of Human Motion

High-speed video analysis, ground reaction force measurement and evaluation of the activity of individual muscles are used to measure human motion. In addition to the assessment of an individual’s mechanics during an activity, biomechanical analysis provides information for sports medicine clinicians regarding joint stresses incurred during the motion. These qualitative and quantitative high-speed video analyses assist athletes and coaches in improving performance while decreasing the risk of injury. Ongoing research studies provide scientific support for the training, coaching, rehabilitation and surgical methods employed by our athletes, coaches and sports medicine clinicians

Performance Enhancement

Walking, running, throwing, pitching, hitting, kicking and golf swing mechanics are compared to normative data in order to pinpoint flaws in a motion. Feedback from TMI’s team of doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and sport scientists, along with input from the coach and athlete, provide a plan for performance improvement based on scientific evidence.

Injury Prevention

Knowledge of joint mechanics and the magnitude and rates of joint loads provide sports medicine practitioners with the information necessary to prescribe injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. TMI’s team of sports science and sport medicine professionals assist the athlete and coach in designing a comprehensive program targeted to injury prevention.

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