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Texas Center for Baseball Medicine

TMI Sports Medicine is one of the nation’s premier rehabilitation centers in the treatment of elbow and shoulder injuries in the overhead throwing athlete. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach towards rehabilitating baseball athletes back to the field as quickly and safely as possible. What sets us apart is our knowledge of throwing mechanics, latest rehabilitation techniques, total body functional training, and interval throwing programs. Our team consists of renowned orthopedists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, biomechanists, and strength and conditioning specialists working in a state of the art world-class facility. We utilize scientifically and medically based sport-specific training techniques and utilize video analysis of throwing mechanics to return them back to the field and prevent future injuries.

We offer an annual preseason high school Baseball Spring Training Academy from late November to January. This 6 week program is modeled after the Texas Rangers Baseball Club MLB strength and conditioning program. We provide pre- and post- testing of flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and power. Participants are instructed on preventative baseball specific shoulder and elbow flexibility and strengthening exercises, core stabilization, lower extremity balance, and correct throwing mechanics and progression. The goal of the program is to better condition the baseball athlete in preparation of the season to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries. This allows the player to have greater success of staying healthy and playing at the next competitive level.

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Engaging the Core with Pitcher Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

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