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  • Absolutely the most comprehensive Sports Medicine Facility in the Metroplex. If you have a young athlete this MUST BE YOUR FIRST STOP. Don't go to places that don't specialize in Sports. They really understand the process and immediate diagnosis and plan to get back on the field
    By - Ernest Wagley "Wags"
    18-May-2017 10:18 AM
  • I have always driven by TMI, it looked nice from the outside; I was very impressed once I was able to visit as a patient. I felt like I was getting celebrity treatment.
    By - Rashonda C.
    07-Jun-2017 08:35 AM
  • Had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Shane Seroyer and PT Brian Long. Both were exceptionally professional, personable, and kind. Office personnel were nice and accommodating as well. TMI is great!
    By - Jan M.
    14-Sep-2017 08:22 AM
  • On October 28,2016 I sustained my first football injury, tearing every ligament in my left knee. Thanks to Dr. Robertson he not only gave me surgery but changed my life. This injury has made me a different person on the football field and in life, it taught me hard work, perseverance and it increased my passion for football. After the longest process of my life (rehab) I was finally released to play football again, I started the season back to my old position before I got hurt on the Defensive line, as the season progressed I got moved to a much harder position on offense call halfback. Through the season I've had my ups and downs with my knee but managed to keep it flexible and strong. Now I play offensive line for Mansfield Summit. Again, I want to thank the TMI trainers and Dr. Robertson for all they have done, because of them I have made just enough plays to help my team make playoffs.
    By - Nathan Buhake
    13-Nov-2017 08:30 AM
  • I got sideline pass for the Mansfield vs. Midway playoff game and it was the first time in 5 or 6 years that I was able to stand up on the sidelines, without having to bend over constantly to relieve the pain and numbness. I was able to walk around and legs never started going numb and pain has been greatly reduced. Huge for me to be able to do that again! Thanks Dr. Even.
    By - Alan C.
    11-Dec-2017 10:10 AM
  • Drs. Even and Robertson have both had me under their care for neck and shoulder procedures that made my life so much more enjoyable. The cleanliness, courtesy and knowledge of the staff and physicians is above reproach. The folks at the front desk are as helpful and accommodating as one could wish, and when having procedures, then doing your therapy, you will be made to feel as if you were the only person they had to see all day.
    By - Layton Scott Pike
    24-Dec-2017 07:26 AM
  • It’s been over 4 years now since I’ve had total knee replacement on both knees. I have to say even though everything went as expected, it was tough going for the first couple of weeks, but it was the best thing I’ve done to improve the quality of my life. Thank you Dr. Shane Seroyer
    By - Robert Zielinski
    08-Jun-2018 09:27 AM
  • I was one of the lucky Vietnam Vets. My daughter was going to TMI for an issue with her hip. I was escorting her to the doctor’s office when I noticed they did knee replacements. At the time I was trying to have my knee replace by the VA hospital in TX. I had recently relocated from CT where I was supposed to have it replaced in November of 2017. I had been waiting for three years to get this done. I had been through all the shots, gels and had reached a point where I needed to get my knee replaced. After speaking to the folks in the VA in TX, I was told I would have start all over again which meant it could take another three years before they would replace my knee. I could not wait that long. I talked to the folks at TMI and they setup me up with an appointment to see Dr. Shane Seroyer. The appointment day arrived and I was seen by Justin, Dr. Seroyer’s PA, after looking at the X-ray’s he concluded that I needed a full knee replacement. His next comment took me back when he asked how soon I wanted the operation next week or week after. I know this might sound strange, but after dealing with the VA for the past 17 years and waiting three years to get close to having operation, now I could have a date with in two weeks. We set the date for July 12th 2018. I went home and told my family I was going through with the operation and the date. I visited the hospital where the operation would take place and was blown away by how nice the hospital was and all the staff and doctors. A week before the operation I meet with Dr. Seroyer he asked if I had any questions or concerns. While with any surgery you have some fears and concerns, I had to admit, between the hospital and TMI, I was totally at ease with the operation. He said ok see you next Thursday for the op. On July 12th 2018 I had my right knee replace. Everything went to plan the surgery took about 1.5 hours, not that I would know as all I remember was shaking hands with Dr. Seroyer and then waking up in the room. Just the way you want to have an operation. As TMI have performed so many of these operation they have learned from past experience keep the pain levels down and the patient will be a happy. I had no pain but yet I was still alert did not feel out of it. The hospital staff could not have been nicer they took care of all my requests, the food was great as well. I was there for three days. I was up walking with in four to five hours after my operation, they had me doing simple exercises to start to strengthen my leg muscles. I had PT twice a day while I was in the hospital. I was on my way home by Saturday. Once I got home I had an appointment for Monday at TMI for physical Therapy. Now here is where the fun starts, no one actually tells you about this part, getting your knee to function again. Not as easy as you might think. I had my first appointment for PT with Luke he walked me through the process of recovery to get my knee back to 100% with no limp in my walk. It was suggest I do PT three days a week, while I am coming up on week four now, my progress has been extremely good. I was off the walker within a week, the cane by week two. Pretty much walking on my own by week three. As Luke told me how we recover is 100 percent up to us, he can only provide us with the tools to do the work, we have to do the work. The hardest part and Luke did tell me the first day was to get your leg straight again. This might sound funny, at least I thought so, but when he first showed me what I had to do, I wanted to cry, the pain was so strong. You go home after the PT and while you are doing the exercises you feel great, you get home and the pain sets in from your muscles being stretched. The next day is even harder, but it is up to you to get up and do the stretches and exercise to get the strength back in your muscles. TMI Sports Medicine: I cannot say enough good things about them, everyone there is friendly, willing to go out of their way to help you. I needed some PT appointments on certain days and times so I could still do my day job, they worked with me to get them done. The PT staff, I am not sure I have enough time to express my thanks to each of them. While the doctors and Physician Assistants, and ladies behind the desk all help, and assist you, and will do whatever it takes to help, it is the Physical Therapist who gets you back your feet. As Luke is my Physical Therapist I have to make special mention for him, there are days I come and do not feel like working out, because of various reasons, lack of sleep, hot, generally not happy. He always, offers the genuine Southern Gentlemen smile and hand shake, always addresses you as Mr. or Miss or Mrs. He first checks to see how your day is going how your feeling, and genuinely wants to know if you are doing ok. This mean so much when you are not feeling well, that Smile and asking you how you are feeling its worth a million dollars at least to me it is. Luke has taken the time to help me recover, and shown me the things needed to get my leg back in shape. As I stated before the hardest part of the recovery is getting your leg straight, Luke would try and give me an exercise to work on straighten my leg, I hated it the pain was the worst, but he worked with me and we laughed about it, but he never stopped working on getting my leg right. I see this man juggle three and four patients at one time, all the while making sure each one is doing what they need to do for their PT. Luke used the latest equipment available at TMI to help, that means a lot today, technology is important to our health and our recovery. I am very thankful to TMI, Dr. Seroyer, Justin Coplinger, nurses, assistants, the PT staff and the ladies behind the desk and other staff at TMI for everything they have done for me and my family. Thank you Richard Garrow
    By - Richard Garrow
    09-Aug-2018 03:20 PM
  • Over the past 10 years I have had the experience of being treated for orthopedic issues by Drs. Meister and Seroyer as well as P.A. David Escajada. My history with this facility includes a couple of knee procedures (arthroscopic) and a complete right shoulder replacement. Because of their skills my outcomes have always been excellent. I also owe a great deal of gratitude to the outstanding therapist (Regan, Daniel, Tom, etc) who, gently and professionally, brought me back to full function through their expertise in physical therapy. All of my experiences at TMI Sports medicine have been outstanding and I cannot praise them and thank them enough.
    By - Ron Remkus
    18-Aug-2018 03:48 PM
  • I was going to other doctors for a few years. I was informed that surgery was need and I would be off work up to 6 mo. And be in a upper body cast. Went to Dr. EVENS for a second opinion. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.. After my neck surgery I was better than 100% for the first time in 6 years.Great Doctor..Great staff. Thanks Dr.Evens and crew
    By - Forrest Jones
    21-Aug-2018 05:03 PM
  • I was in a serious car accident. Back and brain damage. i shave suffered for 5 years because of insurance . I researched and found Dr Evens. I went in the first of 2018 and surgery was scheduled April 20th.. Disk fusion on c5/c6. I was hoping for a 50% reduction in pain. Five months later I am at 80-90% reduction in pain. Sure there will be days. But i am amazed on what Dr Evens was able to accomplish. Also any visit will be one of complete satisfaction. To to people at the front desk to the nurses. The visit is one you will not forget. Dr Evens always asks me before he leaves if I have any more questions. If I do he will take his time to answer. Completely unheard of these days of medicine. A+ on all levels.
    By - Robert McInnis
    07-Sep-2018 08:36 AM
  • Dr.Even changed my life literally.I went to him for severe back pain. I had no quality of life.He did all the right testing gave me all my options . After great thought and fear of back surgery. I finally let him do a TLIF. It is now 14 weeks later and my quality of life is amazing, He gave me my life back. His office scheduled all aftercare appointments for me. All I had to do is get better,Him and his staff are nothing short of being amazing. Words cannot express my gratitude to all. Thanks for all you do.
    By - Tina Slaybaugh
    14-Nov-2018 12:04 PM
  • I made an appointment with Dr. Evens. When I arrived I was told I was seeing a nurse practitioner. She did xrays. Then wrote out prescriptions. Said maybe a pulled muscle or bruised muscles. I knew there was something wrong. I went to see another back specialist. He did xrays from top to bottom. I have a fracture of my spine. The nurse practitioner didn’t even noticed the dark mass sitting between my shoulder blades. She said she didn’t want to do a CT scan due to radiation. This other doctor has me scheduled for a CT scan and bone scan. He said he was more concerned about the mass than the fracture. I gave him all the medication she gave me. He did an injection for the pain of the fracture and said call if I need him. The nurse practitioner ask if I thought she should do a follow up. Really! No I will not be back.
    By - Debbie
    19-Dec-2019 12:53 PM
  • I made an appointment with Dr. Hendawi at TMI for left shoulder pain to determine the cause since I'm 78 and have had osteoarthritis of the joints for a few years. The waiing time was very reasonable especially since they were busy, I was quickly processed for X-rays and soon saw Dr. Hendawi. He is VERY courteous, definitely interested in his patients, and LISTENS! There was never a sense of "must finish with this patient and get to the next" as occurs with many physicians. His patient "bedside manner" is spectacular. He informed me that the images showed no meaningful loss of cartilage in the shoulder joint and that a steroid injection into the bursa pouch should help alleviate my pain. The injection was completely painless and took only 30 seconds or so; it was literally over before I knew it. The shoulder was truly feeling better by the time I checked out and I was delighted to know that I could continue working out in the gym, which I love!. He is also very well educated, a skilled and experienced surgeon in joint replacements, and associated with numerous of the best hospitals, institutes, and teams in the Metroplex. Thank you Dr. Hendawi for your attention and skills!
    By - Perry S.
    19-Feb-2020 08:56 PM
  • I recently had ACL replacement surgery done by Dr. William J. Robertson and I couldn't be more pleased with my result so far. This is my second knee to have my ACL replaced. This surgery done by Dr. Robertson went extremely smooth and my recovery and rehad at TMI has been great and ahead of schedule. TMI is kind of split into two parts; a surgery side and a psychical therapy side, but all under one roof and they work together to help you through the whole process. On the surgery side Dr. Robertson was so knowledgeable and discussed all possible options for my injured knee. I am not a professional athlete but I live an active life and wish to continue to do so with my family of five. We chose the best course of action for me and the surgery was scheduled around my schedule. I was surprised of my quick recover post surgery. We started P.T. very quickly and Zack and the entire P.T. team worked with me to develop a rehab program that fit my pace of recover and provided the needed push when I needed it and also helped me pull the reigns back a little when I wanted to push to hard. I'm going back to see Dr. Robertson later this week for my 6 month follow up and I couldn't be happier with my results so far. If I did have one complaint it would be with the front desk staff. They process a lot of patients and sometimes seem to be less cordial that I believe a patient would like. However, I'm not there for their expertise, I'm there for Dr. Robertson's knowledge and his ability to rebuild my knee to the best of his ability and I know I made the right choice when I selected him as my surgeon. I hope anyone who reads this and is about to go through a knee procedure has the same great success story that I am having with mine. Best of luck!
    By - Ryan C
    02-Mar-2020 04:54 PM
  • Thank you for great services Dr Tariq Hendawi, He and is staff was were very professional, each went over details of what going on with my shoulder and what could be done to start my progress.
    By - Belinda Jarvis
    29-Jun-2020 08:07 PM
  • I appreciate the excellent care I have received at TMI Sports Medicine in Arlington. Dr. Brigham Au performed emergency surgery after I broke my right femur in a fall. He followed my progress through rehab and after I got home. Six months later I had Lumbar Laminectomy/Fusion surgery with Dr. Jesse Even. Both of these skilled surgeons have excellent communication skills, and they and their Physician Assistants are caring toward their patients.
    By - Sharon C.
    03-Jul-2020 05:20 PM
  • Every day when I walk up and down stairway, I praise the Lord who leads me to meet Dr. Tariq Hendawi. I fell and broke my knee cap. I was in pain, even a slight bend of my knee will cause a tremendous pain. After the first visit, Dr. Tariq Hendawi explained to me that the lower part of my knee cap was shattered and could not be used to connect to the upper part. He had to remove it and connect the tendon directly to the upper part. He set up surgery schedule as soon as possible because he knew that I was in pain. Dr. Tariq Hendawi and his assistant (Mr. Daniel Segura) are very personal and thorough attention. I loved how he explained everything to me so I could fully understand. After the surgery I only needed to take pain medicine for two days. The recovery process was extremely fast, all follow up appointments have been great and he is open to all my questions and concerns. Dr. Tariq Hendawi is a great physician. I’ve been treated very well at TMI Sport Medicine Center in Arlington. By Thin Ng.
    By - Thin Nguyen
    23-Jul-2020 03:26 AM
  • Thank Dr. Tariq Hendawi who make my life much better. On Jan. 23rd 2020, I accidently fell and broke my left knee cap. Praise the Lord our God who led me to meet Dr. Tariq Hendawi. With his professional and great skill, he performed the surgery on Jan 30th 2020 with great successfully. The recovery process was extremely fast and I almost back to normal in less than 3 months. Again, my husband and I appreciate the great service and excellent care I have received from Dr. Tariq Hendawi and his assistant (Mr. Daniel Segura) at TMI Sport Medicine Center in Arlington. Blessings! Thinh Nguyen
    By - Thinh Nguyen
    28-Jul-2020 09:34 PM
  • I can’t say enough good things about TMI sports medicine. Dr. Estrera did my knee replacement. He was so professional and caring! After my early morning surgery, he stopped by 4 times during the day to check on me! He was easy to talk to and easy to contact, if needed. His physical therapy group were amazing, too! Led by Ryan Pinson, who did my initial evaluation, I was given excellent care but pushed to build up my leg muscles. Ryan was so positive but firm in his encouragement. Marcus, who also worked with me, was kind and so positive, that I didn’t mind being worked hard. Their support therapists were, also, awesome. My overall care with this team was great and my rehab was successful. I’m back to normal and using my knee better than expected! Would recommend TMI to anyone with knee issues!
    By - Debby Fowler
    13-Oct-2020 03:23 PM
  • Dr. Keith Meister repaired my rotator cuff that had been damaged for many years. It resulted in it being 99.5% as good as my other uninjured shoulder after healing properly. At age 66 in 2017, I eventually competed in a USPA raw powerlifting event and set a national and Texas state bench press record. Over 300lbs at 180lb bodyweight. I still hold the Texas record. Thanks Dr. Meister!!!
    By - Ted Jessup
    11-Nov-2020 05:02 PM
  • Dr Estrara did my knee replacement. I was very pleased. My physical therapy was handled under the leadership of Ryan Pinson. My PT team was always very professional and encouraging. I would encourage everyone to do their PT in the Frisco facility. I plan to have my other knee replaced and plan to go back to the same team!!
    By - Betsy Mayse
    16-Dec-2020 11:43 PM
  • There is no words than I can express how much Jesse Evans has helped me tremendously I’ve had three back surgeries in each one of them he is the nicest one very helpful makes it understanding and does whatever I can to make me feel comfortable
    By - Gail Pryde
    28-Dec-2020 12:15 AM
  • I work at a large hospital in Dallas and went to see one of the ortho MDs in that department about the excruciating knee pain I had been having for quite some time. I knew that I needed knee replacements and was ready to get my life back, that the arthritis had robbed me of. I saw the outside MD and was in tears when I left her office, she didn't even do an exam just told me that I needed to lose weight before being able to have a knee replacement. I returned to the clinic I worked in and the physician I work for asked how my appointment went, I told him and he advised I go see Dr. Kenneth Estrera. I called and made the appointment, saw him quickly and we had plans to replace the left knee first. I did that last December and had the right one done this December. I am pleased with how my recovery is coming along. I am so excited to have mobility back that will allow me to work on weight loss among other things. I am grateful to Dr. Estrera that he saw a person and not just "another patient" walking through his door. He has given me my life back! Thank you!!
    By - Traci V
    01-Jan-2021 07:39 AM
  • I tripped over a gas hose in January 2020.I dislocated my right ankle and unfortunately broke it in 3 places. Dr Au did my surgery and I followed the directions he gave me for therapy. Today I can walk on the bike trail for 2 to 3 miles at a time, take care of my grandchildren, and work in the yard. I am extremely happy with the results.
    By - Susan Raines
    07-Jan-2021 04:00 AM
  • I had left hip replacement on July 28, 2020. Dr,Shane Seroyer performed the replacement and did a great job. I was referred to TMI Physical Therapy in October and recently graduated from PT and wanted to remark how wonderful the Physical Therapist that I worked with, Jacob, was for me. Jacob was very patient and always gave me the special attention when I was there for my therapy and also gave me PT exercises to do at home which I religiously did the exercises during the week is why I am able to graduate as Jacob called it (smile) on yesterday, January 21st from PT and to continue the PT exercises that he gave me at home. Thanks to Jacob for all of his help and professionalism to aide in getting me back in good shape as far as my hip is concerned. It is greatly appreciated!
    By - Cynthia Rollerson
    22-Jan-2021 10:13 PM
  • My daughter was running hurdles at a middle school track meet and fell and broke her elbow and had no movement and severe pain. She was a nervous wreck. We were recommended to hurry and go to TMI Sports Med by a neighbor and we are so glad we did!! Dr. Hendawi was very gentle and caring and was able to examine and treat her quickly. She has since healed great, and full movement has now returned, we can’t thank Dr. Hendawi enough for his skills and care.
    By - Marshall Snarr
    11-Mar-2021 09:14 PM
  • My entire TMI experience has been excellent!I couldn't have hoped, or imagined, that my two surgeries would have been as easy or have turned out as well as they did. Thanks to Dr. Seroyer for his surgical skill and for putting me at ease with the process. Many thanks to Jessica for anwering my worries and after hours questions post surgery :) I really wanted to write this note to recognize the Physical Therapy group. "Team Tom" as I call them, Tom, Amanda, and Jonathan have spent countless hours with me since November as I worked through my shoulder and hip surgery recoveries. Before my first PT appointement, my friends who had been through rotator cuff surgery had warned my that I was going to hate my therapist. My friends experience had been very painful. Nothing of the sort at TMI. Team Tom progressed me through range of motion recovery and strength rebuilding without any pain. They allowed me to progress quickly and to challenge myself. They helped me do all the exercises at home. And they nursed me through a couple of set backs when I overdid some non-PT activities. Their experience and knoweldge was evident and expertly applied. Their effort, interest, caring was greatly appreciated. They go beyond being a support team and quickly become friends and almost family for the recovering patient. I was very lucky to have them, and so is TMI. Team Tom Rocks! In the past two weeks I did some things I have not done since September. I went sailing. I have gone on two 6 mile kayaks trips. Thursday I went on my first bike ride. Just 25 miles on the bike path, but oh it felt so good. The new hip felt great, better than the other hip :). It's so great to have my life back and all of you have made it possible. I can't thank you enough. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. But I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate each of you. Thanks, Andy
    By - Andy Katz
    06-Apr-2021 08:34 PM
  • In the last year, we have had and ACL replacement, full knee replacement, major back surgery, and wrist issues. All of these problems were handled better than we could have ever imagined!!! TMI is the only place we will ever go again.
    By - The Collett Family
    01-Apr-2022 06:57 PM
  • Good Morning! I want to say a BIG Thank You for helping David to get back on the field. We still have a few weeks to go for pitching but he is back on the field doing what he loves to do! This picture that I have attached is his first game that he played in after being off the field for 18 months! I think the picture says it all! He told me that after that picture was taken and when he was on the field, he actually teared up when the National Anthem played. We have had a really rough time with him not being on the field and he was scared that he may not play again. I thought that I would just share these to show the difference you are making! First At Bat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYmI8GOS9ak
    By - Theresa Hyde
    14-Apr-2022 06:34 PM
  • TMI Therapist Jacob Jezak has been working with me following reverse shoulder replacement surgery. His skills as a therapist have resulted in an impressive increase in range of motion and strength. I am grateful for TMI and especially for Jacob's knowledge, professionalism and kindness.
    By - James DeOrdio
    05-May-2022 06:50 PM
  • My son Johnnie Schneider in the Cincinnati Reds Organization had Tommy John surgery to fix his UCL with Dr. Keith Meister. Dr. Meister was our #1 choice as we traveled from Clearwater, Florida. From start to finish the care, attention and expertise Johnnie recieved was first class all the way. Dr. Meister is meticulous in his practice always explaining everything. The staff and facilities were all A+ as well. We couldn’t have had a better experience! Dr M is clearly one of the best if not THE best in the nation! Thankyou all for a successful surgery and visit!
    By - Beth Schneider
    05-May-2022 10:13 PM