Professional Baseball Off-Season Conditioning

TMI Sports Medicine is the medical provider and rehabilitation consultants to the Texas Rangers Baseball Club MLB. We have the ability to offer a convenient one-stop-shop baseball conditioning program for local minor and major league professional baseball athletes living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We feature a 10,000 square foot indoor facility that has state of the art rehabilitation and functional training equipment, rubberized matted weight room, and indoor turf functional area. We also feature an indoor pitching mound and hitting area. In addition, the square footage of the outdoor area is 8,400 outdoor field turf area with 80 yard outdoor Olympic track lanes, full size hitting cage, and MLB regulation dirt mound. TMI also offers the ability to provide a throwing analysis in our biomechanics lab.

Initial Assessment

  • Athlete goes through a thorough injury history and discussion of past season performance with our team consisting of strength and conditioning specialist, athletic trainer, and physical therapist.
  • Hip and core stability, strength, and power
  • Hip range of motion and flexibility
  • Sprint and agility speed
  • Shoulder and elbow range of motion assessment
  • Rotator cuff, scapular, and forearm muscle strength assessment
  • Discussion of nutritional guidelines for optimum performance
  • Access to biomechanics lab for throwing analysis
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Goal setting for the upcoming season


  • Customized conditioning program to address deficiencies to allow an athlete to reach maximum potential. Each program is customized to match playing level, meet personal goals, and to support a team's off-season conditioning program.
  • Restoration of desirable range of motion of the throwing arm with a prescribed individual and manual stretching program based on scientific medical research
  • Strength and conditioning program that is designed specifically for professional baseball players and their respective position
  • All sessions are followed by a baseball specific shoulder/elbow manual strengthening and rhythmic stabilization program as directed by our athletic training and sports physical therapy staff.
  • Manual therapy or joint mobilizations to specific body parts
  • Functional baseball flexibility and core exercises
  • Functional specific speed/agility/quickness drills
  • Running technique refinement
  • Throwing and Hitting programs
  • Access to our biomechanics lab for a throwing analysis
  • Direct communication with team Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and/or team Athletic Trainer
  • Access to follow-up of in-season/out-of-season injuries with our Orthopedic sports medicine physicians


Takes the player to a new level and maximizes their performance during the season by significantly improving power, balance, agility, flexibility and speed