Athlete of the Month - March 2017

Kurt W

Kurt W

What was the hardest part about coming back from your injury?

The hardest part coming back from injury was playing with the confidence I had before and learning how to slow the game down again. Also, being confident in my throwing arm and trusting my injury will not return.

What was the best part about going through this?

After all the therapy concentrating on just my right elbow, I feel so strong and I have no pain.

Kurt W

Who is your role model?

Derek Jeter because he is a leader and changed the game for shortstops.

Any advice you would give to other people trying to rehab from their injuries?

The scariest part was going through the actual surgery. After it was done… Well, it’s done. Start rehabbing correctly! The best advice I could give is to trust the process. I promise they know what they’re doing.

How was your experience at TMI Sports Medicine?

It’s definitely hard work, but my therapist always explained why I was doing each drill. They took very good care of me and made me feel important.

What are your future goals?

My goals are hopefully:

  • Help Martin High School win a state championship
  • Help Texas Tech win the College World Series and obtain a coaching degree
  • Have a career in baseball in the MLB if not coach all of the above