Spine technology adoption in a value-based practice — What's worth the investment? 3 Qs with Dr. Jesse Even

Jesse Even, MD, a spine surgeon with TMI Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery in Arlington, Texas, and a spinal and orthopedic consultant to the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars, discusses how he examines and selects new technology for his value-based spine practice.

Question: What technology and techniques are most exciting for you in the future?

Dr. Jesse Even: I am excited about several innovations in spine. It is a great time to be a spine surgeon. Our ability to treat patients in a quick, less painful, and efficient manner has never been so available. The spinal technology and innovation over the past 20 years is quite remarkable. There are two technologies that I am very excited about currently. The first one is total disc arthroplasty especially the in cervical spine. I made this procedure a part of my practice from the beginning and have had nothing but positive results for my patients. The FDA approval from a one-level indication to a two-level indication is a game changer because it opens up another set of options. Now young patients can proceed with a total disc option instead having to be forced to proceed with a two-level fusion.

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