Dr. Jesse L. Even is traveling again to Antigua, Guatemala on a surgical mission trip with Faith in Practice.

Dr. Jesse L Even is heading to Antigua, Guatemala from 5/5/18 thru 5/12/18 performing spine and orthopedic surgeries to the people of Guatemala.

Dr. Even travels to Guatemala to provide spine and orthopedic surgical care two-times per year.

“It is a great honor to be able to help take care of the people of Guatemala. The Guatemalan people are some of the most resilient people in the world and extremely grateful. I routinely see people walking around with pathology in Guatemala that is unimaginable here in the States. They always give to me more than I could ever give to them spiritually, mentally, and physically. Faith in Practice is an unbelievable organization that is providing an amazing mission to the people of Guatemala.” Jesse L. Even, MD.

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